Practitioners of medical massage have a strong background in pathology, disease, illness and injury, and the contraindications of specific massage techniques related to various medical conditions.

Medical massage therapists frequently work under the direction of, or at the request of physicians. Patients ought to receive a referral from a Doctor and Pre-authorization to receive Medical Massage services.

Medical Massage treatments utilize a combination of Swedish, Soft Tissue and Deep Tissue methods, and contrasting heat therapy.  We are trained to offer a full assessment. We listen to your current concerns and past health issues. We observe active movements, test passive movements, and perform muscle length and resisted isometric tests. We perform other special tests as well in order to come up with a treatment plan that addresses your individual needs. This aids us in isolating the problem area for treatment.

If it is out of our scope, a Medical Massage Therapist would recognize and avoid further damage by referring you to the appropriate type of health care professional. You are not left hanging.

More consumers want to know how to carry their spa experience back to their homes so that the benefits of their treatment can last longer.

Massage2wellness offers customized homecare regimens to help prolong the benefits of their treatment. With the right combination of medical services, wellness options and spa pampering, you will feel better on the inside and it will show on the outside.

The medical massage is employed to prevent the atrophy of the muscles when there are broken bones. It can also reduce the ignition which is caused by constraints and distortions and sciatic nerve and lumbago. It increases the circulation of the varicose ulcers and stimulates the normal movements of bowels. In fact, there are many advantages to the medical massage.  In what situations would someone seek medical massage and how would a condition typically be treated?  Any condition that prevents you from using your full range of movement.