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Chair Massage The prime focus of massage2wellness service is to help reduce stress in the workplace. You and your employees deserve a 10 to 20 minute break and return to work feeling re-energized. Here is how it works. The recipient sits fully clothed in a specially designed massage chair and no messy oils are used. Sessions focus on the back, neck, arms and hands. To enhance your chair massage experience, you’ll enjoy our unique blend of aromatherapy, and soothing music. Companies use our service for a wide variety of events such as:

Administrators Day, Birthdays, Bosses Day, Client/staff Appreciation, Conventions, Corporate Retreats, Dancers Backstage, Employee Recognition, Employee Wellness Fairs, Holiday Parties, Secretaries Day, Sporting Events, Super Bowl Parties, Valentines Day, Yacht Clubs, Trade Shows, Golf Tournaments and Seminars

Tandem Massage: Two therapists massage simultaneously – one works on the upper body while the other works on the lower body. Ideal service to add to a wedding package!

Special Events Massage to Wellness is available for a variety of party and corporate functions. Whether you need one or a group of therapists, our staff is trained in a variety of massage modalities to make your event even more special.

Private Parties: Massage 2 Wellness is available for private home parties. While everyone gets to socialize and enjoy the party, all of the party attendees (including the host) receive a massage - one person at a time. You have the choice of providing: (Minimum of 4 persons)

You Choose: Seated /Chair Massage or Table Massage
15 Minute Chair Massage
15 Minute Hand & Foot Massage
30 Minute Table Massage
60 Minute Full Body Massage

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Each massage session is tailored to the needs of the individual. Advance notice is required to arrange for additional therapists. Massage Parties are ideal for people who love new and innovative ideas. It's simple to do just get a group of friends together, The host/hostess gets a complimentary Back Massage just for hosting the party!

Corporate Functions: Seated on-site massage: A simple, rewarding and cost-efficient tool for workplace stress management. Massage2wellness leads the way in providing the ultimate in massage service for meetings, conventions and tradeshows. Massage services have become popular at many types of corporate functions including;
  • Education conferences, meetings, graduations
  • Promotions product launches, political rallies, fashion shows
  • Company Wellness Days many companies now use massage therapy as a fringe benefit for their employees. This is a great tool for relieving stress and tension and promoting a positive and healthy work environment
  • Event Managers address jet lag and fatigue of your attendees
  • Exhibitors a fantastic way to build traffic to your booth area leaving customers with a positive feeling of relaxation, satisfaction and wellness,
  • Commemorations memorials, civic events
  • About the massage session

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