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Welcome to Massage2Wellness, LLC. Lisa K. Maloney, owner and licensed healthcare professional with a focus in medical massage and relaxing spa treatments. We also incorporate the services of other highly qualified therapists for special events and specialties of their own for clients so you can have a selection to meet your needs. We offer a comprehensive suite of services for individuals or couples that include: ~ Medical Massage ~ Swedish Massage ~ Hot Stone Massage ~ Sports Massage ~ Rehabilitative Personal Training ~ Shiatsu Massage and Stretch Therapy along with Canine Therapy and Home Healthcare Products and Programs designed to aid clients well being.

You may visit us at our facilities or can arrange for us to come to your home or office. We also visit clients in nursing homes and hospitals. Our goal, as caring and experienced professionals, is to offer custom and relaxing therapeutic treatments. We understand that hectic schedules can get in the way of most self-care pursuits, and are committed to offering our services whenever and wherever our clients can best take advantage of them. Massage2Wellness will make your hours our hours by scheduling massage treatments on evenings, weekends and most holidays.

At Massage2Wellness we offer individualized therapeutic treatments designed to:

Therapeutic Massage is healing, Let's face it at some point during the last week, you have experienced some degree of stress. Stress increases blood pressure, accelerates the growth of cancer cells, slows the healing time of the common cold. Perhaps at some point in the last month, you have had at least one of the following: aching muscles, a stiff neck, a tight lower back, a headache, or delayed recovery from a strain/sprain. This can be eliminated or significantly reduced by receiving a regular therapeutic massage. This involves the manipulation of the soft tissue structures of the body to prevent and alleviate pain, discomfort, muscle spasm, and stress; and, to promote health and wellness.

Massage services for relaxation, well-being and rehabilitation, through integrative medicine combining the best of complimentary care for healing the body, mind and spirit. My purpose is to enhance your quality of life by strengthening the body through individually designed treatments, reducing illness side effects and general pain symptoms. Massage addresses myopathological (muscular and soft tissue) components thereby facilitating healing, reducing stress, enhancing well being and restoring and stabilizing our client´┐Żs physical and mental well-being.

Improve energy and alertness; Strengthen the immune system; Relieve certain repetitive motion injuries; Purge the waste and toxic debris stored in muscles; Aid the recovery of pulled muscles or sprained ligaments; Stimulate the relaxation response within the nervous system; Greatly reduce pain from TMJ syndrome or carpal tunnel syndrome; Increase the nourishing blood supply to tissues and lower blood pressure; Improves posture and increases joint flexibility with increased range of motion; Ease many discomforts of child bearing, including edema, backaches & exhaustion

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